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Russian Mafia

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The biggest crime syndicate in the world called "Russian" mafia keeps fear in the hearts of kind people on our Earth. However, very few people know that actually "Russian" mafia is Jewish. And below we gave explanation why it happened.
Tags: alexander smolensky, boris nemtsov, japonchik, leonid nevzlin, mikhail khodorkovsky, mikhail mirilashvili, other, pyotr aven, roman abramovich, vladimir gusinsky, yegor gaidar, Александр Смоленский, Борис Березовский, Борис Немцов, Владимир Гусинский, Егор Гайдар, Леонид Невзлин, Михаил Мирилашвили, Михаил Ходорковский, Петр Авен, Роман Абрамович, Япончик
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